Telecommunication systems

Committee: NSAI/TC 2 (ICT)
Origin: NSAI
Close date: 30 Sep 2022
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The present document specifies tests applicable to all Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications (DECT) equipment accessing the DECT frequency band 1 880 MHz to 1 900 MHz and including provisions for testing other or extended frequency bands as described in ETSI EN 300 175-1 [i.11] and ETSI EN 300 175-2 [1]. Part 2 of the present multi-part deliverable [i.15] specifies tests applicable to DECT speech and audio transmission using a collection of speech codecs, including Recommendation ITU-T G.726 [i.7] ADPCM codec, Recommendation ITU-T G.722 [i.8] "7 kHz codec", "MPEG-4 codec" [i.10], LC3plus [i.24] and others.