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Number:I.S. 329:202x
Committee:NSAI/TC 1
Committee name:Gas Technical Standards Committee
Review published:31 Aug 2023
Review end date:13 Oct 2023
Contact email:nepadmin(at)nsai.ie
Draft Scope:

This Standard specifies the minimum requirements for the design, construction, commissioning, operation, maintenance and alteration of polyethylene (PE) or metallic mains, for the distribution of gas at pressures up to and including 16 bar.
The distribution mains system is the network of pipes which transports gas from the natural gas transmission system (see I.S. 328), LPG storage system or a gas manufacturing plant to the gas service pipes. The installation of gas service pipes is addressed in S.R. 12007-5.
Clause 17 deals specifically with the particular requirements for LPG systems.

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