Draft Details

Number:Draft ETSI EN 319 401 v3.1.0 (2024-03)
Committee:NSAI/TC 2
Committee name:ICT
Review published:05 Mar 2024
Review end date:30 Apr 2024
Contact email:nepadmin(at)nsai.ie
Draft Scope:

The present document specifies general policy requirements relating to Trust Service Providers (TSPs) that are 
independent of the type of TSP. It defines policy requirements on the operation and management practices of TSPs. 
Other specifications refine and extend these requirements as applicable to particular forms of TSP. The present 
document does not specify how the requirements identified can be assessed by an independent party, including 
requirements for information to be made available to such independent assessors, or requirements on such assessors. 
The present document aims to support the requirements on NIS2 Directive [i.13] and addresses the general requirements 
for security management and cybersecurity of trust services (qualified and non-qualified). 
NOTE: See ETSI EN 319 403-1 [i.2] for details about requirements for conformity assessment bodies assessing 
Trust Service Providers. 

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